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CPD Study Day - Digital Communication and Interaction

Digital media is increasingly encroaching into psychoanalytic practice and supervision. We make increasing use of texts, emails and skype in our work. The clinical and professional implications are unclear. The potential harm associated with the use of digital forms of interpersonal communication in our filed are much less clear than the obvious advantages. (read more...)

Introduction to Psychoanalytic Concepts

Some places remain on the Guild's Introduction to Psychoanalytic Concepts course. This is a ten week course taking place on Wednesday evenings from April 18th 2018. This course will be of interest to health professionals and anyone interested in psychoanalytic ideas, as well as those considering future psychoanalytic training. (read more...)


The UKCP has cautiously welcomed new draft guidance published by NICE on the treatment of depression in adults. The new draft includes recommendations for psychodynamic psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling, which are welcome improvements. Yet CBT continues to dominate recommendations despite evidence showing that other therapies yield similar or better results. (read more...)


I trained as a doctor and worked in medical practice for a time. After the birth of my third child I had a depressive breakdown, which I found terrifying. This was in 1950 and no one seemed to know anything about psychotherapy. This made it much worse. (read more...)


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