The Guild of Psychotherapists Lecture - Saturday 17th March 2018


Anti-Thinking and Psychoanalytic Responses: What we do that Works by Ian Miller

10.00 – 12.30 pm @ The Guild of Psychotherapists, 47 Nelson Square, London SE1 0QA

The Guild of Psychotherapists is pleased to announce a lecture by Ian Miller exploring the challenges to thinking posed by a post-truth era. Ian writes:

"We live in an Orwellian moment of 'fake news' and anti-thinking, of fantasy untethered by careful consideration of contingencies emergent from political and social actions. At the same time, and interactive with our societies’ unexamined beliefs in the open horizons of material acquisitive choice, we also believe, to paraphrase the American fast-food advertisement, that narcissistically, we can always 'have it our way'.

'Anti-thinking and Psychoanalytic Responses' addresses the very human dilemma of continuing to think productively under the anxiety of fragmenting illusions of social stability together with solidifying faith in material acquisition. The continuously practiced work of psychotherapeutic method, under such conditions, becomes an anchor in maintaining clear orientation in productively facing the unknown under increasingly frightening political, social, psychological circumstance.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, through its ongoing and tenacious orientation to its own applied evolution, practiced daily, emerges strongly as a socially active representative of Enlightenment values. It operates in our time, not only towards potential benefit for our patients’ individual adaptations, but also as a continuous actor in advancing the practical value of clear thinking in an age of anti-thinking."

Ian Miller is a Dublin-based psychologist and psychoanalyst. He has written numerous academic papers and is also the author of several recent titles published by Karnac Books which include: On Minding and Being Minded-Experiencing Bion and Beckett (2015); Defining Psychoanalysis- Achieving a Vernacular Expression (2016); and Beckett and Bion: The (Im)patient Voice in Psychotherapy and Literature, with Kay Souter (2013). His most recent book, “On the Daily Work of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy”, co-written with Alistair Sweet, will be published in February, 2018.

Tickets for this fund-raising lecture costs £35 for members of the public and registered Guild members; £20 for Trainees, Students and retired members. A light lunch will be included after the talk. To purchase your tickets or book a place please contact the Guild Office.

Tel: 020 7401 3260 or email:


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