Psychoanalytic Supervision Course

  • An innovative training course, structured around different theories about the history and practice of psychoanalytic supervision
  • In-depth discussion of transference, ethics, boundaries and the constraints of working within different settings
  • Ongoing exploration of differences, including class, culture, race and sexuality
  • Emphasis on developing practitioners’ own distinctive supervisory style
  • Suitable for experienced supervisors and more recently qualified clinicians
  • Prepares students for registration with the British Association of Psychodynamic & Psychoanalytic Supervisors (BAPPS)

It is anticipated that the Guild’s Sixth Psychoanalytic Supervision course will run on seven Saturdays in 2017 and further details will be published as they come to hand. Since its inception in 2009, 56 students have completed the course which has proved to be both popular and successful.

Although our own and other supervision courses cannot automatically grant membership to it, the course is on the BAPPS’ records as fulfilling its membership requirements. Please note that you yourself would need to apply for BAPPS membership once you have successfully completed the course.



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