Policies and procedures

The Guild is an association with charitable status, governed by a Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association conferring ultimate responsibility for its management and administration on a Council elected by the membership and on Chairs of the Standing Committees.

As a charitable organisation, The Guild is bound by, and operates within, the general framework of the Charities Commission, to which it is accountable. The organisation also adheres to the general standards set by the UKCP and its Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis, of which it is also a member.

Each area of The Guild’s activities is overseen by a committee, formed by a variable number of Guild members. The Council consists of three honorary officers (Chair, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer), five members' representatives and two students’ representatives. An Annual General Meeting for the election to these positions is held every year in March.

In addition to this, the organisation is bound by and operates within the terms of its own Constitution, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Diversity and Equality Statement, Guild Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, Complaints Procedure and Grievance Guideline.

Equality and diversity
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Many members play an active part in the life of the guild

The Guild recognises the adverse effects of exclusion and discrimination, and therefore upholds a policy of equal opportunities.

The organisation values diversity, and undertakes to foster and implement systems and practices to ensure equality of opportunities and inclusiveness in all areas of its activities: training, the Reduced-Fee clinic; membership, employment and public profile. To this end, where necessary, it may also challenge the nature of psychoanalytic theory, practice and institutions.

Continuing professional development

The Guild of Psychotherapists has been and remains committed to the protection of the public through the twin mechanisms of its Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure, and its policy on CPD.

CPD is a way of ensuring the maintenance and improvement of standards of knowledge and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. As well as keeping up to date with current thinking and developments in the practice and theory of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, practitioners are required to reflect upon their understanding of the dynamics, directions, strengths and weaknesses of their personal and professional development both on their own and with colleagues. This process is subject to a random audit process.