Patricia Gosling


A Curious Eye: Observations Of A Psychotherapist

This book was put together initially for family and friends “to show them what I had been up to all these years!” It is a distillation of 25 years of professional practice. A group of essays reflect the author’s perspective on matters both within and without the consulting room from a psychoanalytical point of view. The scripts of two lectures, given to a mainly Christian audience, puts forward a theology both consistent and comfortable with current scientific thinking. A final section containing clinical material gives some indication of how the author worked within the theoretical framework of the Independent Freudian tradition.

“... this is a wonderful book full of clinical essays on a wide range of topics many of them illustrated with clinical material.”

Wessex Counselling Service

“Psychoanalytic writing is often theoretical and clinical, presenting ‘case studies’ to back up such theories and clinical observations. There is also, however, a need for more discursive accounts of the author’s feelings and opinions as well as accounts of the relationship between therapist and client that passes beyond mere transference and counter-transference. ... the pieces in this book ... can/will/should make you think."

The Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy

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