Black Lives Matter

The Guild of Psychotherapists stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and we condemn and abhor the violent racist murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others, by the US police. Rashan Charles and Edson Da Costa as well as others have died here in the UK after being violently restrained by police.

The Guild of Psychotherapists recognise that systemic and institutionalised racism are historic and also current in UK society, and that for this to change we each need to take responsibility for speaking out and challenging racism as individuals.  We also need to do this as an organisation. Furthermore we recognise that there is a need to directly challenge and confront racism in our own management structures and processes, our clinic, our trainings and all our policies and procedures. 

We know that we need to dig deep in order to do this, and that it will take time to work out everything that we need to do.  We want to use a psychoanalytic understanding of racism and its impact on individuals and communities to identify and eradicate the barriers that are faced by black people as therapists and as clients. 

We hope that through conversation with our own Race and Culture Group we will as an organisation and as individuals, be able to follow through and make real, lasting changes.  The Guild of Psychotherapists stands with UKCP in their position on racial injustice.

The Guild Council