Black Lives Matter

The Guild of Psychotherapists stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We recognise that systemic and institutionalised racism are both historic and current in the UK. For this to change, we need to take responsibility for speaking out against racism, both as individuals and as an organisation. We recognise the need to commit to anti-racist practice, to identify, challenge and confront embedded racism in our own management structures, in our clinic, our trainings and all our policies and procedures.

Over a year on from the murder of George Floyd we remain committed to sustained engagement in addressing systemic inequality and racial trauma. We want to engage in deep reflection, to use our psychoanalytic understanding of racism and its impact on individuals and communities, in order to identify and eradicate the barriers that are faced by people of colour, be they trainees, therapists or clients. We wish to work proactively towards diversity and the inclusion of marginalised groups.

The Guild of Psychotherapists is determined, with the active support of its own Race and Culture Committee, to make real and lasting change in the world of psychotherapy. We stand with UKCP in their position on racial injustice

The Guild Council