Minority Ethnic Training Scholarship

The Guild of Psychotherapists is concerned by the lack of people from minority ethnic backgrounds, choosing to join their training programmes. The Guild offers an Introduction to Psychoanalytic concepts Course as well as a full UKCP accredited Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training and a Diploma in Psychoanalytic Supervision.

The Guild is committed to challenging inequality and systemic racism within the psychoanalytic psychotherapies and in making psychotherapy accessible and relevant to members of all communities. We know that students from these communities are less likely to train and more likely to drop out of psychotherapy and often find training silencing and traumatising, and therefore difficult.

As part of the Guild’s commitment to address inequalities which have contributed to the lack of diverse representation in the psychoanalytic psychotherapies, the Guild is offering a training scholarship to Black, Asian and other racialised candidates.

We understand that all institutional actions, however well meaning, need to be thought about, implemented, and monitored in ways that avoid reproducing racist structures, unconsciously, or otherwise, e.g. through stereotyping or tokenism. So, we will continually review the scholarship programme with these concerns in mind.

The Guild of Psychotherapists has a strategic aim to develop a training that meets the needs of students from minority or marginalised communities, supports a culture of belonging for all students and staff, and one that produces therapists that are particularly well qualified to work with individuals of any background.

The Guild of Psychotherapists is committed to standing in solidarity with protests against racism and racial injustice.

Both the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training and the one term introduction course in psychoanalytic concepts aim to address and discuss the cultural assumptions and biases existing in psychoanalytic theory from its inception at the end of the 19th Century. Through this we hope that these courses will attract applicants from the diverse population of the 21st Century.

Who is eligible to apply for these scholarships?

These scholarships are available to minority ethnic groups, identified as significantly underrepresented in the mental health professions (Office of National Statistics, 2018) as follows:

Asian - Bangladeshi
Asian - Chinese
Asian - Indian
Asian - Other
Asian - Pakistani
Black - African
Black - Caribbean
Black - Other
Gypsy or Traveller
Mixed - White/Black Caribbean
Mixed - White/Black African
Mixed - White and Asian
Mixed - Other
Other - Any other Black or Minority Ethnic Group

What are the scholarships currently being offered?

  • 4 free places on the Introductory Course for 2023 entry. (worth £500 each)
  • 2 part-scholarship places on the full 4 year training for 2023 entry. (worth £4,000 each over the 4 year course)

How do I apply for a scholarship?

In order to apply for the scholarship, you will need to go through the standard course application process first and receive an offer of a place. There is no need to accept your offer until you have received the outcome of your scholarship application.

Please contact training@guildofpsychotherapists.org.uk for more information


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