Clinic COVID Update

Assessments and consultations by video

In response to the current high risk of person-to-person transmission of the Coronavirus and prevailing social restrictions, the clinic is now delivering assessments and psychotherapy sessions online. We hope to be able to resume our service in person as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is a video appointment?

A video consultation or assessment is a way to meet with your psychotherapist or one of our clinic assessors without needing to travel to the Guild for your appointment. A video appointment offers an alternative way for the Guild to continue to offer psychotherapy sessions whilst restrictions are in place for meeting in person.

What will I need?

You can use any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, as long as it:

[1] can go online

[2] has a camera

[3] has good reception/internet speed

We also recommend for your comfort and confidentiality that you find a private space for your consultation in which you will not be disturbed.

Is the service private and confidential?

All video appointments provided by the Guild Clinic will be secure. Only you and your psychotherapist will be able to access it. No one else will have access to it. Sessions are not recorded or stored in any way by the Guild. Your online consultation will be treated like any other psychotherapy session. The psychotherapist will keep your information private. It is very important that you choose a safe and private place to have your consultation online.

How do I get started?

Contact the Guild Clinic to arrange a consultation on 

What happens next?

The Clinic office will confirm your appointment times via an email and will similarly provide you with details of the online video system in agreement with you. We ask that you let the Clinic office or your psychotherapist know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend your online therapy session/ assessment on time or you will be absent. We will keep you informed of any changes as we try to return to full service provision.