Psychoanalysis for the People

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Psychoanalysis for the People: Free Clinics and the Social Mission of Psychoanalysis

An international online conference exploring socially engaged psychoanalytic practices from across the world.

In 1918 Freud placed the free clinic at the heart of psychoanalytic thought and practice, and predicted that out-patient clinics would be started where treatment would be free.

His speech resonated with many psychoanalysts of his time, who were invested in the social mission of psychoanalysis and who were the authors of significant institutional innovations, setting up free and low-cost clinics in Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.

This conference starts from the premise that the more recent progressive histories of psychoanalysis remain little known among therapeutic practitioners. They are rarely written about in the professional literature or taught on trainings. Yet there is a rich tradition of psychoanalytic theory and practice which engages with the realities of social inequality based on class, gender, poverty, racism, and other forms of marginalisation. We aim to explore and recognise these socially-minded psychoanalytic practices, drawing on the experience of psychoanalysts working in free and low cost clinics in very different contexts, from Latin America, Africa, North America and Europe, through to the UK National Health Service. We ask what “psychoanalysis for the people” might mean in our times, more than 100 years after Freud’s famous speech.

Speakers: Joanna Ryan, Raluca Soreanu, Paul Hoggett, Penny Crick, Baffour Ababio, Kristina Valendinova, Xavier Fourtou, Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz, Earl Pennycooke, Tereza Mendonça Estarque, Kwame Yonatan and Aida Alayarian

Keynote lecture: Patricia Gherovici (Psychoanalysis in the Barrios: Race, Class, and the Unconscious [ed.])

This is the first of two conferences exploring socially engaged psychoanalytic practice. The second part will take place on 24th and 25th July 2021.


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