About The Guild of Psychotherapists

The Guild is a professional and training organisation run by, and for, psychoanalytic psychotherapists. Our members are bonded through our own extensive training and our committment to lowering distress and improving psychological health and well being. Our many shared values include respect for and the promotion of individual and cultural differences and diversity.

The Guild operates a low cost clinic in Waterloo and the majority of our members throughout the UK offer some low cost psychotherapy places as well as normal cost psychotherapy.

We also run a very well regarded four year (once a week) training course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy that has a 40 year heritage as well as an introductory one term course.  The Guild also provides a training in supervision. 

The Guild of Psychotherapists was founded in 1974 by a group of practitioners from Freudian, Jungian and Phenomenological backgrounds. Their aim was to establish a pluralistic professional body to foster independence of thought, a spirit of inquiry, and freedom to develop creatively for the benefit of the profession and the public seeking psychological help.

Since then, the Guild has developed in accordance with this tradition, valuing and promoting different psychoanalytic perspectives. The organisation is now widely recognised and well respected, with over 250 members and trainees, all of whom are bound by its Code of Ethics. It is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the principal national body for the registration and regulation of psychotherapy. The organisation has a pluralistic tradition, which values many different analytic theories and practices.

The Guild of Psychotherapists offers
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We are a group of experienced & qualified psychotherapists

  • A range of professional services, including clinical supervision and organisational consultancy.
  • A private referral service.
  • A community based Reduced-Fee Clinic at its headquarters in London SE1.
  • A training programme leading to UKCP registration.
  • A pluralistic psychoanalytic supervision training.
  • A range of seminars, lectures, conferences and other public events.
  • A list of publications by its members.
  • A room booking facility at its premises.


For more information about these services, use the top navigation. To make an enquiry about any of these services, please contact our office. To find a therapist who is a member of our organisation, please use our on-line search facility, referral service, or contact our office. To be updated about our activities, please subscribe to our mailing.

Founder of The Guild are;

Dr Peter Barham, Dr Camilla Bosanquet, Peter Lomas, Ben Churchill, Dr John Heaton, Dr John Payne, Dr Joseph Redfearn

Useful links

The UK Council for Psychotherapy
Charity Commission


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