About Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

At times, most of us experience some form of distress and some difficult feelings, such as anxiety or emptiness. These experiences may be produced by current circumstances, such as relationship difficulties, illness or bereavement, and may stir up buried memories and feelings linked to the past. All too often, our distress can have profound effects on those close to us and may impact on important areas of our lives, such as relationships or work.

When we see little hope for change, and are no longer able to resolve conflict and reduce our suffering or disappointment, we need help.

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How Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy may help
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Our members are experienced and qualified psychotherapists

Perhaps you feel unable to cope wonder how you've got to where you are in your life find yourself questioning the very meaning of your life, harbour feelings of resentment, disappointment or despair feel the burdens of family problems are too much to bear. You may feel lonely and demoralised and that things could be better but something is keeping you stuck and making it difficult for you to pursue your potential. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides a confidential space to reflect on yourself and your life, and an opportunity to discover how the past may influence your present and your capacity to pursue your potential.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy does not involve medication, but is a relationship with someone trained to help you understand better the genesis, purpose and meaning of your feelings and behaviour.

The patient and the therapist meet regularly on a one-to-one basis and gradually build a relationship of trust, through which the unconscious thoughts, motivations and feelings that underlie a conflict or confusion may be brought to light.

The process is not always easy and calls for commitment over a period of time. However, through it for the first time you may find your own voice, gain helpful insights into your difficulties and predicaments, and have an opportunity to make different choices and achieve a more creative and satisfying life.

To find out more about psychoanalytic psychotherapy and our referral service and Reduced-Fee clinic, please click on the links in the menu on the left of this page. To find a therapist who is a member of the Guild, please use our search facility, referral service or contact our office.

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