Jean White


Preoccupations & Conflicts in Contemporary Psychoanalysis (2006)

"Generation" is both an introduction to and a comparative study of contemporary psychoanalytic clinical theory. It provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of how new ways of thinking about the psychoanalytic process have evolved and are still in development today.

Written in clear, accessible language and interwoven throughout with clinical vignettes, "Generation" provides an invaluable initiation into the work of notoriously difficult authors such as Lacan and Bion. This stimulating presentation of contemporary psychoanalytic theory will be of great interest to psychoanalytic psychotherapists, psychodynamic counsellors and psychoanalysts of all theoretical orientations.

Jean White presents a detailed study of contemporary Independent, Lacanian and post-Kleinian theory, set within the wider context of the international expansion of psychoanalysis. Contemporary clinical practice is discussed in relation to concepts of psychopathology, transference and countertransference and innovations in technique. Each school's explicit and implicit models of psychic growth and their view of the aims of the psychoanalytic process are explored.

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Finding the Possible in the Impossible: The Clinical and theoretical Work of Nina Farhi

A contribution by the author in British Journal of Psychotherapy, 28(2) pp.172-187

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Racism and Psychosis: Whose Madness Is It Anyway?

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