3 June: Reverie and Internalized Colonizers: A South African Perspective

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Decolonising Psychoanalysis Seminars

Reverie and Internalized Colonizers: A South African Perspective 





Sally Swartz
Reverie and Internalized Colonizers: A South African Perspective.
and in discussion with 
Fakhry Davids


Saturday 3 June 2023, 2:00pm - 4:00pm BST 

Online seminar £12 - £24   Book here 

This paper is about colonial states of mind that live on in distortions of subjectivity today. It suggests that developing a decolonial psychoanalytic practice has three substantial areas of activity. Firstly, we must grapple with the colonial legacies of our theories and strive for epistemic justice. Secondly, we must engage in social and political activism that challenges racist institutional practices. Finally, we need to find ways to think freely in every psychoanalytic session, everywhere. It is with this last condition that the paper is primarily concerned.
This is the last in the current series of seminars on Decolonising Psychoanalysis, organised by the Race and Culture Committee of the Guild of Psychotherapists. This seminar focuses on the clinical encounter, and how the legacy of colonialism affects the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship. Is it possible to 'decolonise psychoanalysis'?


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Bursaries available for those who would not be able to attend without financial support. 

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Organised by the Race and Culture Committee of the Guild of Psychotherapists, London. 

The image above by Anastasya Eliseeva is a painting of the South African novelist K Sello Duiker (1974-2005)