19 Nov 2022: Radical Roots v Today’s Hubris

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The Race and Culture Committee at The Guild of Psychotherapists has been looking back into its own history, a history which has been challenging the issues of race and racism within our organisation and the wider profession since the 1980’s. Through this process of introspection, it became clear that it was time to look outward and bring colleagues together, so together we can move this work forward. We are inviting you to a gathering of people from different organisations who are all involved in this endeavour.

The Guild has always credited itself as having radical roots forging a route away from exclusive elite psychoanalysis. Its pluralism has been a central tenet of this stance as stated on the website "The Guild of Psychotherapists was founded in 1974 by a group of practitioners from Freudian, Jungian and Phenomenological backgrounds. Their aim was to establish a pluralistic professional body to foster independence of thought, a spirit of inquiry, and freedom to develop creatively for the benefit of the profession and the public seeking psychological help."

Where are we now? The attached podcast (see links below) outlines the history of the R&C which we would like to share as a springboard for further discussion. One dominant theme is the seeming deja-vu of things never seeming to change with regard to full equality, diversity and inclusiveness within our profession. The intention is to not only share our respective and often painful experiences, but to move forward with a thought through plan as to how to return to radical roots and ensure a culturally informed and nuanced profession that is inclusive to all.

11am to 1pm - Panel Discussion with Q&A

We will start the event with a panel from the Podcast participants - Charles Brown, Marie Maguire, Marion Gow and Dr Stuart Stevenson, with Fiona Yarron-Field in the Chair - raising current issues and responding to questions.

1pm a light lunch will be provided
1.30pm to 3pm - Group Session

The latter part of the event will be a large group experience co-facilitated by Dr Stuart Stevenson and Jane Dudley.

Please note, the event will be recorded.
Organised by the Race and Culture Committee of the Guild of Psychotherapists.

Race & Culture Committee Podcast - The Reunion

Saturday 19 November 2022, 11:00am - 3:00pm BST

The event is free, but please reserve your place - Book here