Return and Recovery

Guild member Marika Henriques has written a short piece chronicling her experience of the Holocaust and her long journey to recovery.

Marika writes :

"I became a hidden child in 1944 at the age of nine when my country and my birthplace
Budapest was occupied by the Nazis. That being a Jew was shameful and had to be hidden
was etched deeply into my being for decades.

My website/short book describes a long and painful inner journey of recovery. Like Victor Frankl's 'Man in Search of Meaning', I used the analytic frame to make use of my Holocaust experience. For healing to take place I had to create a cohesive narrative. My text is somewhat unusual as it is interwoven with some of my drawings and tapestries. The images were vital for bringing the Holocaust into consciousness and making sense of my experiences. I describe the stages of my painstaking journey which began with a major operation and ended twenty years later on the pulpit, the bimah of a synagogue.

The essence of this short book is that healing of trauma, even at an early age, even that of historical wounding, is possible through creativity and finding meaning."

You can read the full story at her website here: